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Beauty Progress Hair plastic FROM £174.00 TO £148.50

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The replacement hair keratin plastic is perfect for maintaining progressive because it contains active sealants reduce the volume by 30% and resets the keratin lost with time. formulation restores the resected ends, keeping the wires aligned and movement. assets deal wires deeply, eliminating frizz without changing the natural shape of the hair; smooth become even more smooth and corrugated stay with perfect waves. can be used by people of any age, including adolescents. It is indicated for hair or chemically untreated, it strengthens the wires, restoring the beauty and softness of hair. Frequency of use: minimum of 45 days to not overload the wires with keratin.



A reposição de queratina plástica capilar é perfeita para a manutenção de progressivas, pois contém ativos selantes que reduzem o volume em até 30% e repõe a queratina perdida com o tempo. sua formulação restaura as pontas ressecadas, mantendo os fios alinhados e com movimento. seus ativos tratam os fios de forma profunda, eliminando o frizz sem alterar a forma natural dos cabelos; os lisos se tornam ainda mais lisos e os ondulados ficam com ondas perfeitas. pode ser usada por pessoas de qualquer idade, inclusive em adolescentes. É indicado para cabelos tratados quimicamente ou não, pois fortalece os fios, devolvendo a beleza e a emoliência dos cabelos. frequência de uso: período mínimo de 45 dias para não sobrecarregar os fios com queratina.



Step 1
Wash the hair at least 2TIMES with Inoar Deep Cleaning Shampoo (step 1). Massage it starting from the scalp up to the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat for the THIRD TIME if necessary. Dry thoroughly with a towel. Use a hair drier to dry up the hair 100%.

Step 2
In a recipient place one measure of Inoar Keratin System (step 2) per two measures of Inoar Recontructor (step3)..eg 100ml of step 2 per 200ml step 3. Mix until a uniform blend is obtained. Apply the product onto full extent of the hair starting from the back of the neck. Apply it on fine strands of hair. Leave ait for 10 minutes, depends on the hair conditions and hair type.

Step 3
Use an hair dryer at mid temperature, it's going to help avoiding the smoke/steam. Blow-Dry 90% 0f the hair. Do NOT need to use a rounded, paddle or any brush. Use hands only.

Step 4
Split the hair into parts. Separate it in strands and pass the iron/streightner at 200°C betweem 4 to 7 times on each strand. Start from the back of neck and proceed up to top of the head.

Step 5
Rinse thoroughly with water. JUST WATER ...DO NOT SHAMPOOING IT. Drythe hair with a towel. Apply the Inoar, Inoar Argan oil, Serum ,or Inoar Leav-in on the hairs and proceed with the desired styling.