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NOUAR Cocoa kit treatment 1000ml

  NOUAR CACAU . THIS IS OUR NEW NOUAR CACAU BRAZILIAN KERATINE, NEW FACE NEW BOTTLE, NEW PACKAGING, SAME LEADING RESULTS, ONE OF THE FIRST BKT'S EVER RELEASED IN BRAZIL, AND STILL A ALL TIME FAVORITE AMONG TOP PROFESSIONALS. THE NOAUR CACAU KERATINE, HAS STRONG VOLUME REDUCING POWER WITH AN EASY TO USE KIT THAT YIELDS UP TO 22 APPLICATIONS. THE CACAU, AMINO ACIDS AND KERATIN INGREDIENTS DELIVER DISCIPLINE WITHOUT THE ARTIFICIAL STRAIGHT IRONED LOOK, LEAVING HAIR BOUNCY, SHINY AND NATURAL LOOKING FOR UP TO 3 MONTHS. Also is the ideal solution to eliminate the frizz of hair for up to three months. The formula is enriched with D-Panthenol, Cocoa, hydrolysed keratin, special silicones and high quality oils. It reduces breakage and strengthen the hair's fiber. INSTRUCTIONS: Shake the product before use. Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo Nouar by two or three times, then dry the hair completely. Divide the hair into parts use a brush to apply the product strand by strand in counterclockwise, leaving the product for 15 minutes, dry the hair completely then use the iron to make that perfectly plain, finally wash your hair again. 

STEP 1: Shampoo the hair, gently massaging the hair with your finger tips.
STEP 2: Let the shampoo act in the hair for a couple of minutes then rinse well and repeat.
STEP 3: Towel dry to remove excess moisture.
STEP 4: Blow-dry the hair completely. It is not necessary to brush the hair at this time, just comb it down after drying.
STEP 5: Place a sufficient amount of the Nouar Moroccan Hair Treatment formula into a bowl for easy access.
Apply the product with a tint brush starting about 1⁄4 inch from the scalp.
Comb out excess product so the hair is not oversaturated.
Let the product sit on the hair for 20 or 30 minutes for complete penetration.
STEP 6: Dry the hair completely with the blow dryer on the medium setting. It isn’t necessary to brush the hair straight.
STEP 7: Apply the flat iron at 400 degrees Fahrenheit in small sections, at least 7 to 9 times for each section in order to seal the hair follicles completely Finish